Chemical elements effect to steel material

As we know,steel pipe and steel plate mechanical performances depends on two aspects:one is the heat treatment type;another one also the most important factor is the chemical elements effect to these steel material.

Common chemical elements in steel is C,Mn,S,P,Si,V,Al,Cr,Mo,Ni,B.Considering on different type elements added and percentage properties,steel pipe and steel plate will shows different properties.

Such as for sour service pipe,nace material pipe and fittings,it has a strict control with C,CEQ,P,S,elements content.

Especially for sulfur(S) content maximum at 0.002 for sour service pipe,but normal pipes S content maximum 0.015. This is a big difference.

API 5CT Oil Casing Pipes

API 5CT Oil Casing Pipes

The reason that why we need to control S to very less percentage,is S can push HIC happens;more S elements content and it will be more easy to generate HIC,sulfer is an extremely harmful element.

Alloy steel pipe and plate chemical elements not only contains the normal chemicals like C (carbon),Si (silicon), Mn (manganese),P (phosphorus),S.But also with other alloy elements like Cr (chromium),Ni (nickel),Mo (molybdenum),tungsten,V (vanadium),Ti (titanium),Nb (niobium),Zr (zirconium),Co (cobalt),Al (aluminum), Co (copper),B (boron),rare earth and so on.Alloy steel pipe includes many types,commonly divided into low alloy,alloy and high alloy steel pipe,considering on how many types and percentages of the alloy chemical elements.

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