Polyurethane Coatings for Steel Pipe Surfaces-Industrial Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane coating (also known as PU coating) on steel pipes provides a thin film,high gloss finish with exceptional weathering performance characteristics.This coating commonly referred to as poly coating,is used in all industrial markets to provide a smooth durable finish that has superior corrosionresistance,abrasion, and chemical exposure,in order to protect steel pipes from corrosion,weathering,abrasion and other processes that would degrade the material over time.

Polyurethane Coatings Statistics
Color multiple choices
Adhesion (ASTM D4541) 2562 psi
Impact Strength (ASTM D256) 155inch-pounds
Hardness (ASTM D3363) H pencil
Use Temperature Max 250°F
Chemical Resistance (ASTM D543) Excellent
Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117) 3000 hrs
Thickness 0.002”-0.003”

CST provides polyurethane coating services of pipes.Contact us,today to learn more about corrosion protection serviceswith PU coatings.

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