CST will attend Tube China 2018 in Shanghai

Tube China 2018, the 8th China International Tube Exhibition, after 16 years of accumulation,  has grown into Asia’s second largest tube industry event. Düsseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will continue to cooperate with the International Trade and Cooperation Center of the Metallurgical Industry of the Metallurgical Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to provide you with a “feast” for the industry.

CST will attend Tube China 2018 in Shanghai

CST will attend Tube China 2018 in Shanghai

It is estimated that 46,000 professional visitors will come to the site during the exhibition to promote a more stable relationship through face-to-face communication.The organizers will also explore with participants how to face the transformation and changes of the industry and present new products,technologies and solutions from a new perspective.

Tube China international pipeline exhibition,invites domestic and overseas pipe industry and related oil,gas, automobile,electric power,construction,marine engineering,ship and other industries to come to the exhibition.

Let us meet in 2018 Tube China!


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