SA-179/SA-179M, a specification for seamless cold drawn low-carbon steel heat exchanger and condenser tubes, covers tubes 1/8 to 3in, inclusive, in ouside diameter.

Heat Treatment

Tubes shall be heat treated after final cold draw pass at temperrature of 1200°F (650℃) or higher.

Surface Condition

This specification has strict requirement on surface condition. Finished tubes shall be free of scale. A slight amount of oxidation will not be considered as scale.

Chemical Composition

The steel shall conform to the following requirements as to chemical composition:

Carbon 0.06-0.18%

Manganese 0.27-0.63%

Phosphorus max 0.035%

Sulfur max 0.035%

Hardness Requirements

The tube shall have a hardness number not exceeding 72 HRB.

Mechanical Test Requirements

Flattening Test, Flaring Test, Flange Test, Hardness Test, Hydrostatic Test

Tensile strength: min 47[325] ksi[MPa]

Yield strength: min 26[180] ksi[MPa]

Elongation in 2in or 50mm: min 35%

Comparison SA179 with 10#

Chemical Composition SA179 10#
Carbon 0.06-0.18% 0.07~0.13%
Manganese 0.27-0.63% 0.35~0.65
Phosphorus ≤0.035% ≤0.035%
Sulfur ≤0.035% ≤0.035%
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength ≥325MPa ≥335MPa
Yield strength ≥180MPa ≥205MPa
Elongation ≥35% ≥31%



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